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by Colin Delaney, High 5 Staff on March 29, 2011

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So, to admit something—to be honest—I sorta, kinda, just maybe hate the Internet.  Why’s that, you ask, Dear Reader?  Well.  It’s everywhere, it’s got everything and it’s always, always prancing about, strutting around and in general, just peacockin’ ’till I can’t bear it no more and BAM! Six hours spent link-diving.


Sometimes you surface with just an old beat-up boot, but sometimes, you find some pearls.  For example—have you seen The Wire? Have you ever read Charles Dickens?  Maybe some Jane Austen? A little George Elliot?  If the answer to any of those question are “no,” you’ve made some bad choices in your life and it’s time to rethink ‘em, but if you have, you’re going to love Joy Delyria and Sean Michael Robinson’s brilliant satirical essay that re-imagines The (BEST TV SHOW IN THE WORLD) Wire as a 19th-Century serialized novel, complete with full-plate illustrations—I invite you to indulge here.

Next up in our Morning Media Round-Up is this little tiger tidbit is for all my nerd brethren out there—you know who  you are and I won’t point fingers so as to ensure you keep your lunch money.  The brilliant graphic designers over at Fonografiks have take classic comic-book super-heroes and story-lines and turned them into covers for cheap paperback novels.  They are delightful and pretty spot-on in the transposition from one medium to the next.

Lastly, this is for sale.


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