Hanna needs a hug.

This past Tuesday I went out on a date…with me,myself, and I.  It was nothing too fancy, just an outing to the movies. I went with no clear intent on what I wanted to see, except I knew that I wasn’t going to waste my hard-earned cash on another Tyler Perry “Madea” film (you can only tell the same joke for so long).

On a whim I decided to go the action route and check out Hanna. This film is definitely a must see (in my book of course). Hanna takes the played out coming-0f-age storyline and refreshes it with a fresh global appeal. With a cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, and new-comer Saoirse Ronan (you may be remember her from the Lovely Bones), great choreographed fight scenes, and an equally good soundtrack, the film is well played from every angle.

If you find that you have a lil extra cash this weekend and nothing to do, go spend some time with you, yourself, and Hanna



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