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At the International Center of Photography (ICP), I was apprehensive. My grandfather and great-grandfather were both photographers, during World Wars I and II. I knew that photography could be art, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this. While the title of Weegee‘s exhibition,”Murder is My Business,” was promising, this was back in the earlier 1900′s. They wouldn’t be that graphic, right?

Wrong. [click to continue….]



The International Center of Photography‘s Hiroshima: Ground Zero, 1945 is a harrowing collection of photographs from the United States Strategic Bombing Survey after the atomic bomb was dropped on the city on
August 6, 1945.

TRaC-er Dalia Wolfson takes us behind the scene of the exhibition in an exclusive interview with curator Erin Barnett. Check out the video!

Want more? Don’t miss your chance to see the exhibition before it closes on Sunday, August 28th! Get your 2-for-$5 museum passes to ICP from High align=”center”



“To me, photography is the art of observation.” -Elliott Erwitt

One of the prolific photographers of the 2oth century, Elliott Erwitt captured some of the most famous events of modern history with his poignant eye and subtle wit, forever etching his perspective to our national memory.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending a press preview of Erwitt’s latest exhibition, (Personal Best), opening today at the International Center of Photography. The exhibition is a selection of 100 photographs that Erwitt has called his “favorites”. From somber reflections on world-changing events to witty juxtapositions that find humor in the everyday, the freshness and vitality of Erwitt’s images transcend time and communicate universal truth and beauty in way that can be appreciated by all.

But, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let the images speak for themselves. I’ve selected my three favorite from the exhibition. If you like the images you see below, check out (Personal Best) on view at ICP until August 28th. (Hit up High 5 for 2-for-$5 passes!)

c. Elliott Erwitt, 1963. USA. Arlington, Virginia. November 25, 1963. Jacqueline KENNEDY at John F. KENNEDY’s funeral.

c. Elliot Erwitt, 1955. USA. New York. 1955.

c. Elliott Erwitt, 1955. Santa Monica, California, 1955